MasterPEACE ft. Bella Bahhs

by Sam Trump

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This song is about mastering PEACE in many different aspects of everyday life - peace with others, peace within, and peace with the source, peace in the lost of loved ones, and in the remembrance of them.


You know that I'm witcha,
Even when we're apart.
I'll make some time,
To be available.
You've got my mind,
And I posses your heart our,
Love is sublime,
It's such a work of art.

A MasterPEACE,
A work of art.
I've mastered peace,
Don't have to work hard.

I stay up late,
I wake up early.
I take it day by day,
So I never worry.
I found my purpose,
When I asked my maker
Who knows me better,
Than my creator.

A MasterPEACE,
A work of art.
I've mastered peace,
Don't have to work hard, no...

My grandma taught me to stitch broken pieces like a quilt,
I made a masterpiece, made a comforter out my guilt.
And wrapped myself up in prayers,
While rummaging through the rubble of my past,
As if redemption could be built.
I'm a golden crucifix, that’s sin covered with gilt,
I just hope that you will forgive, me.
The battles I fight internally demand all of my energy,
Greater planning and strategy.
Granny taught me the best relationship I can have is with God,
That's with me, So I pray to myself for forgiveness.
It's been hard to make the best decisions,
When my past and future present at a civil war and I'm the lieutenant. Killing off parts of me that's been giving me limits.
This a war for peace.
This a contradiction.
This a mosaic from my broken pieces.
This a quote, see my grandma's love in the stitches?
Don't you.

Some say I'm undefined,
A wonder.
A mystery.
While others try to box and confine,
But that just don't fit with me.
Cause I'm a man with aspirations,
To make a global mark.
And as long as it inspires,
Consider it a work of art.


released August 3, 2016
Lyrics by Samuel Harris III and Bella Bahhs
Mixed, Mastered, & Produced by Sam Trump


all rights reserved


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