Brother ft. Add​-​2 (prod. by Calvin Valentine)

by Sam Trump

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Produced by Calvin Valentine (2014)


Can't look in the eyes of my brother,
Without shedding a tear for my brother.
I really wanna try for my brother,
Cause I truly do feel for my brother.
And since they lie to my brother,
I'll teach the truth to my brother.
And I'll do for my brother
To call it truce with my brother.
Truce. Peace. Love. Brotherly.
Trust. Coexist. We can live in harmony.

See, if he can't get love,
He'll find a supplement.
Express hurt outwardly,
Or self inflict, cowardly.
Everyone wants to belong.
Everybody deserves another.
I can't depend on others,
To take care of my own brother.
I was asked...

If I'm willing to die for my brother?
But I'd rather live for my brother.
And stand to build with my brother.
They plan to kill my own brother!
This message is to heal my brother,
Because they have scarred my brother.
Dropped the last name of my brother.
Shot, edited, and framed my brother.
Then accuse my brother,
And blatantly refuse my brother.
Put a price on his hue of color.
Can't afford to lose my own brother.

La, la,, la

Peace King!
If you aint heard that, the word black is beautiful to me.
We think,
That we are less but we still blessed regardless, of all this stress.
All this stress, is all our tes.t
A masterpiece and God is our art-est.
Raphael De La Ghetto, black like the kettle.
Kids carry metal and they telling heaven hello.
But we look to the sky for new day, for a new day
I need a GPS to find a new way, find a new way.
I need the real thing not the bootleg, not the bootleg.
All I see is food and liquor word to Lupe, what do you say?
You see I'm tryna find the king inside,
Can wear a chain on your chest but the bling inside,
And we gone ride until we alright.
What can you provide, keep the youth alive?
Cops shoot shots but they don’t do the time.
So you decide, you can choose a side.
Either you can die or you could fly.
See, we all from the mother land.
Only right I that I see you as my brother man…you understand?

Ndugu wa damu

There's a light that shines in my brother.
Hides deep inside of my brother.
I wanna pull back the cover,
So the world can discover,
The real brother.

I see you as my brother.
Even if we came from different mothers,
Regardless of skin color, it doesn't matter.
See I gotta wanna protect you like you're my own,
And we have to,
No matter whatever they say.

Yo! They can try to take, but they can't erase.
It's in your blood!
Nah! Can't wash away our history.
It's in your blood!
They can try to take but the can't erase.
It's in your blood!
Naw! Our history won't fade away.
It's in your blood!


released July 21, 2016
Lyrics: Samuel Harris III (BMI) & Andre Daniels
Trumpet & Male Vocals: Sam Trump
Production & Arrangement: Calvin Valentine
Rhodes: Charlie Coffeen
Female Vocals: Danielle Henderson & Ashley Otis


all rights reserved


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