Amazing (prod. by Tensei)

by Sam Trump

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The lyrics for "Amazing" are inspired by my journey in discovering my purpose - from asking the creator, to receiving confirmations on what it truly is. I feel that we all share that common sentiment of really wanting to understand who we are, and what we are here for. At the same time, we all are unique individuals with specific desires, abilities, and functions that when nurtured, eminent bliss is accessible.

I want to share my take on this concept through my artistry, because it's really easy for people to compare themselves to others as a means of self deprecation. This song inspires listeners to understand that we all have a shot at being great because, "...there's enough for everyone's purpose to be fulfilled". Just ask, and the source will provide.

...and that alone is AMAZING!


Oh what a feeling
I'm so warm inside
My heart is the sun
Like a fish in water
I don't even try
We move as one
For so long it took
Time to recognize
Understanding the plan - I
Was made for this life
And now I live with intention

That there's enough for
Everyone's purpose
To be fulfilled?

Oooh ooh ooh ooh

Days are numbered
Count remains unknown
The brand of life
Happiness has a key
We must find our own
Know it's your right
For so long we've walked
Futile paths in vain
That shine no light
Gotta get what's promised
Go ahead make your claim
Your will's your fight.

That there's enough for
Everyone's purpose
To be fulfilled?

Oooh ooh ooh ooh


released November 15, 2016
Lyrics, Vocals, Horns - Sam Trump
Production, Arrangement - Tensei
Bass - Junius Paul
Rhodes - Greg Spero
Strings - Khari Lemuel
Percussion - Jovia Armstrong
Additional Vocals - Kiara Lanier (Ki)

Instrumental mixes by Christian Latham at Cosmic Trigger Studios
Vocal mixes by dug.


all rights reserved


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